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Lotus Crib-to-Bassinet Conversion Kit

Already have a Lotus Everywhere Crib and want to convert it to a Bassinet for your new little one?  This is the conversion kit for you.

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What’s included in this conversion kit?

  1. Bassinet Fabric Assembly

    The Bassinet Fabric Assembly is machine washable and third party tested to be free of harmful chemicals or emissions.

  2. Bassinet Mattress

    28” x 20” mattress for the Bassinet is perfectly sized to create a safe place for your little one.

  3. Bassinet Rocker Arms

    The Bassinet Rocker Arms & Corner Joints allow you to switch from rocking-to-static in seconds.

Lotus Crib-to-Bassinet Conversion Kit

Price: $109.95

In the box

Bassinet Fabric Cover

Bassinet Mattress

Rocker Arms

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