We believe life should be spent together, wherever.

So we designed products to make it easier to do just that.

We are Guava Family.

We’re a small, dedicated, family oriented company that aspires to make your lives as parents just a little simpler, efficient, and elegant.

We’re also designers fed up with how difficult and cumbersome a lot of the baby gear available on the market can be, so we decided to change that one product at a time. Our latest baby equipment and products, the Roam Crossover StrollerLotus Crib and Bassinet Conversion, are now in thousands of homes across the country.

Our internal safety standard is simple, if it's not safe enough for our own children, it's not safe enough for yours. To accomplish this, we use high quality materials and work with trusted partners to only produce products that are safe enough for our own children to use. We also put our products through as many third-party safety tests as possible to guarantee our products are safe. It’s that important to us.

All of these principles about product design leave us with a very personal, very high bar and it sets the foundation for how we think, design, source, and most importantly, how we treat our customers.

We look forward to you joining the Guava Family.