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Lotus Family
Travel Sleep Set

Everything you need for great family travel:
  • Lotus Travel Crib (Included: Backpack)
    $249.95 You save $50 (20% OFF)
  • Organic Cotton Sheet
    $36.95 You save $12 (33% OFF)
  • Sleep & Sun FunShade
    $36.95 You save $12 (33% OFF)
  • You save over $74 - Originally: $323.85
    Sale Price: $249.85
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    What's included?

    Lotus Travel Crib
    Packable, Portable Playard

    ($249.95 Value)

    The perfect sleep or play area for your baby or toddler wherever your destination.

    Lotus Organic Cotton Sheet
    Custom-Fitted Sheet for the Lotus Mattress

    ($36.95 Value)

    The custom-sized, organic sheet uses soft, 100% organic jersey cotton and is machine washable.

    Lotus FunShade
    Perfect Naptime or Sun Protection Cover

    ($36.95 Value)

    Use to darken the sleeping area in the Lotus for naptime during the day or under the sun.

    Why this set?

    #1 - Grows With Your Family

    This set gives your little one a safe, comfortable place to sleep from a newborn to a toddler.

    #2 - Nap or Overnight Ready

    The bassinet and crib are safe for naps or overnight sleep wherever you go.

    #3 - Travel (and Wash) Friendly

    With an infant, nothing stays clean long. So the bassinet, crib and sheets are machine washable.

    So How Much Do You Save?

    You'll save over $74 on this set of bestsellers since you're buying them together, and you'll have everything you need on your next trip for safe sleep for your little one.

    normal cost
    Lotus Travel Crib
    20% Off (Save $50)
    Lotus Organic Cotton Sheet
    33% Off (Save $12)
    Lotus FunShade
    33% Off (Save $12)



    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Set up the Lotus and see what you think. If you don’t love it, we offer a full refund within 30 days (and shipping back is on us).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the return policy?+

    Returning your purchase is simple:

    1. If your purchase doesn’t live up to your expectations within 30 days of receiving the product then you may return it for a full refund
    2. Returns must be unused, in the state you received them, and back in the original packaging
    3. We’ll pay for shipping back to us. Just send an email to within 30 days of receiving your product. Speed things up by sending your Order ID and describe why you’ve chosen to return the product(s). This won’t affect your return in any way, but it’s really helpful feedback for us as we continually work to improve all of our products.*

    *A couple notes:

    • Please note that if you return a product that we originally shipped to an address in Alaska or Hawaii, we will be unable to refund the shipping fees that you paid for the original delivery
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    If you're unsure of how to start your return or need help, just let us know by emailing

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    How can I see the crib in person since it’s not offered in stores?+

    Since we only sell online, we’ve created a very low pressure, 30-day return period for you to order and check out your purchase.

    This time allows you to see the product in person without any risk as we’ll pick up the shipping fees both to your home and back to our facility if you choose to return the purchase.

    Have more questions about our return policy? Read more here

    What type of testing has been done to guarantee the Lotus is safe?+

    The Lotus Everywhere Crib meets all required safety standards including:

    ASTM F-406: US federal standard for Non Full-Size Cribs & Play Yards
    Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA 2008)
    Playpens Regulation (Canada)

    The Lotus Bassinet meets all required safety standards including:
    ASTM F2194: US federal standard for Bassinets
    Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA 2008)

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