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Love it more and more every time we use it! April 5, 2013 by J.

We had a pack n play for our first child. When our second came along, he flat out refused to sleep in it. After several hotel stays trying to sleep with him in our bed, I decided to research other options. With the many glowing reviews on Amazon, I decided to go with the Lotus crib. I was somewhat skeptical that it would match all the hype, but I have become more and more impressed every time we have used it. It is super light and easy to transport, easy to set up (the grandparents can even do it without our assistance!), and the zippered side is amazing. Being able to lay on the floor and rub my son's back when he is fussy has saved my back!


So Easy! April 1, 2013 by J.A.

I absolutely love this travel crib. I did my due diligence in research before choosing the Lotus. I have so many friends with traditional pack and plays and I find the name to be beyond misleading. They're heavy, hard and time cnsuming to put together and you can forget about ever packing them up to take on a trip. That would be a joke. This on the other hand travels and sets up like a dream. I showed my husband the promo video and he wasn't sold and when it arrived he seamed mildly impressed. Skip forward one week to our first weekend away to NYC with our 6 week old daughter and he was a believer. The backpack straps on the carrying case allowed us to easily transport all our belongings to our room in one trip and setting up the crib in our small manhattan hotel room took all of two minutes. I only wish there was an added zippered pocket somewhere on the case to store the sheet. Honestly that is my only complaint!


Great company and product March 28, 2013 by R.C.

After doing soem research, I decided to try and buy this Travel Crib. But, I waited too long and was not able to do overnight shipping via Amazon.com. I decided to try to call the company directly to see if they could ship to me, and it turns out that they are in Solana Beach, only about 40 min north of San Diego (where we are). Normally, they don't carry their own item (they use a distributor) but they happened to have one sitting in their office. One of their staff came and met me and my husband at a coffee shop in Solana Beach, the day before our trip! It was awesome. The product itself is lightweight and thoughtfully designed, and my daughter (almost 2, 24 lbs) loved it right away, especially the side zip. She will normally never sleep outside of her crib, but had no problems with the Lotus. She also swung from all the bars like a monkey and could not tip it over. It was quick and easy to assemble, although it took us a few more minutes to fold it back up the first few times. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, I only wish I had had one with my son.

Great Crib for Travel March 28, 2013 by L.

I bought this for my grandchild, and my son and daughter-in-law found it to meet their traveling needs beautifully. It easily folds and unfolds, fits in itsbag that takes up little space in their car trunk. The velcro opening also was a help to easily reach in to comfort my grandbaby. He slept quite comfortably, and the crib itself didn't take up a lot of space.


Mattress smelled like wet paint when I got it, BUT issue was fixed immediately by Guava Family March 22, 2013 by V.

I wrote the following review in March 2013: I was really excited about this travel crib (I mean, the customer reviews can't be beat), but the moment I got it out of the box, it was covered in dust and dirt smudges and it smelled like wet paint. I washed all the machine washable parts to get rid of the smell, but because the mattress smells like paint, it really doesn't matter what the rest of the crib parts smell like. Crib was manufactured in January 2013. I'm bummed. Surely I can't be the only one who received a stinky crib??!!

On April 4, 2013, I changed my review from 2 stars to 5 because my issue with the mattress was fixed immediately by the Guava Family owner, Scott. He handled my concerns personally and professionally. He researched the issue and sent me a new mattress that was scent free!

In the owner's words to me in a recent email: "I also want to let you know that we have taken your complaint very seriously. We've received about 5 total now (yours, the other negative review on amazon, the other commenter on your review, and 1 or 2 others) out of about 1200 sold in the last couple of months. We actually re-inspected all of our inventory and found a couple more that we have since replaced to make sure everything is up to our standards going forward, and talking with our suppliers to make sure this can't happen again."

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this small company. The personal attention to detail and making sure to fix the mattress issue immediately was comforting. While the Velcro tabs would take a little getting used to, the product is solid and the packed size CAN'T be beat! Seriously, even if you were considering another competitor's travel crib, the fact that you can wear this like a backpack when it's packed up and take it as a carry on makes this a winner in my book. (Hint hint, not many of the competitors offer the same compact feature even if they are light-weight).

Do yourself a favor; grab a box of Kleenex and watch the video introducing the Lotus set to the world. Besides the amazing features, it's what sold me on the Lotus Crib! [...]


Fantastic - So easy! March 22, 2013 by R.

Before our son was born, we bought a pack 'n play, and spent an unhappy and confused hour setting it up. It works. It's solid. But easily portable? No, definitely not.

We received the Lotus Travel Crib and Playard, and from unboxing to set-up was no more than 2 minutes (and that's with reading the instructions, just to be safe). Unbelievably easy.

The mattress is thick enough to be comfortable, the top and side rails solid: the whole playard feels sturdy when constructed. My son loves it, and we can take it with us pretty much anywhere he needs a safe space.

I highly recommend this Playard!


Clever, Beautiful, Easy and Great Service! March 19, 2013 by Sfbadvr

I'm surprised there aren't more posts. The crib is just beautiful! I purchased it in preparation for a visit to my parents' home overseas. It's a last minute trip due to family illness so I didn't want them running around procuring a crib for us to use that I would just be suspect about anyway. This is small enough to fit in my 26" luggage and seems quite compact, more so than I expected from the video of the guy wearing it as a backpack. The design is super smart; the angled posts not only add stability but also prevent my 10 month old baby from hitting her head when she falls backward (either in play or when losing her balance). I was concerned about the mattress being too thin but I've pressed down on it and find it just fine and comfy enough for my girl. I am most happy that my baby likes it and took to it right away! She is normally clingy and dislikes her playard (even though it's a huge 8 panel one), but she loves this crib. I played with her zipping and unzipping it and she could not be more delighted, and prefers to be zipped in! She was also happy looking out over the sides. I found the sides higher than that of an evenflo pack-n-play and like that fact; she's starting to climb and use toys to get a boost to try to get out so I feel more secure with the slightly higher sides. I also liked that it is narrower and longer; it means she'll get more use and we'll be less crowded when we use it in hotel rooms. Last but NOT least, I had emailed the company via amazon to see if they could move the shipping up in anyway as I was departing only 4 business days after my order. I received a prompt response and they were able to get my crib to me the night before my travel, 3 business days after my order (shipment was within CA). I am so grateful for this help. Logistics for taking an infant on a 14 hour flight by myself is a big enough challenge! Thanks Guava Family!


Awesome and amazing customer service March 18, 2013 by S.N.

I was delighted to find out about this travel crib, after using the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib for the past couple of years. The Baby Bjorn travel crib is a really great travel crib, but I think that this Lotus crib is even better. The Baby Bjorn travel crib is so much bigger when packed up, and when you are traveling by air, airlines usually allow you to check in for free 2 baby items (car seat, stroller or travel crib)...so if you bring all three, you have to pay at least $25 to check in one of the extra items. I always wished that I could just bring my Baby Bjorn travel crib with me on the actual airplane, and with the Lotus crib, you can due to the compact size! I also like having the hands free back pack option too.

The second feature I really like is the zipper at the side that allows you to take baby in and out. I had a csection last time so it was very difficult for me to bend down and place my baby in and out of the Baby Bjorn travel crib without getting sore. And when your baby gets older and heavier, it can get hard on the back too. The zipper function on the Lotus crib will definitely be better on my back, and I think also less disruptive on baby when putting them to sleep so that they don't get as startled when placing them straight down into the crib.

I found the Baby Bjorn travel crib to be easier to put together at first, but once you read the instructions and try putting together the Lotus crib, it is just as fast. I also like how the crib mattress on the Lotus crib has velcro tabs to secure the crib sheet down.

I had a slight problem with the packaging of my Lotus crib but after speaking to customer service, they rectified the situation immediately. I find the service to be very friendly, personable and efficient. I would definitely recommend this travel crib!!! I'm excited to use it on my second baby.


The perfect travel & home crib - stylish too! March 15, 2013 by J.S.

I have long hated the traditional pack and play designs and was thrilled to see one that was so stylish. We were in the market for a lightweight easy-to-setup travel crib and were considering this, the gocrib, P&T's yet to be released traveler v3 crib and 4moms. Weight wise, the P&T wins at 7lbs and 4moms loses. Ease-of-setup goes to 4moms but the weight is hefty. I read the instruction manual for P&T's new crib and it looks like the set up is not as easy as it seems. That being said, I was willing to give it a try except it wouldnt be released until April.

We received the Lotus three days ago. Set up was incredibly easy. The hardest part was trying to get the safety velcro tabs through the mattress. I would recommend that you sew on some longer strips to feed it through better. I'd expect to get really good at doing this though. The mattress was not completely flat when opened but we left some heavy weight pillows on it overnight and it straightened out! The size looks just fantastic in our living room, not too big and not too small.

The best part - our DD took her nap in it with no problems! I LOVE the side open door so I can lie next to her and soothe her if needed. It was also much easier to sit down and put her in so i could take some time settling her instead of reaching over the crib. Love that feature so much! The zipper is a little bit noisy but I don't think there's anyway to get around it.

Customer service is FANTASTIC. I thought one of the straps was inverted and I emailed to make a complaint. They replied within an hour in the middle of the night and said they would send me a replacement cover immediately. Turns out I could have easily flipped the flap myself so they didn't have to ship me one. Still, I was super impressed with customer service and truly feel like part of the guava family.

Totally worth the $199. We're gonna be taking lots of naps in this.


Easy, works great, high quality, you don't have to think, March 7, 2013 by U.H. "Oz"

We researched several different portable cribs for an air trip we were about to take with our 10 month old(20 lbs). This crib was more expensive than others, but the reviews were great so we purchased it hoping that we would be getting something quality.

Received the crib and it survived checked luggage without a problem, although there were grease marks that got onto the outside cover from airport handling. When we opened it up and set it up, it was very natural and easy to use. It's light, so easy to pick up and move around as well. The mattress, that also doubles as a cover for the structural frame in the bag, unfolded and went inside the assembled frame easily.

Only issue I'd say was when closing you have to remember to align the crescent with the crescent, I think this is the only step you could possibly mess up, although even if you fold it up the 'wrong way' it still fits into the bag, albeit a little weirdly.

Our baby slept peacefully and comfortably throughout when sleeping in it, and played happily in one place when awake.

Overall, ease of use and high quality of this item actually makes it a great value, have not regretted buying it even though I usually balk at items that may be priced at a seemingly high premium to other items in the market.


This Crib is Genius!, February 27, 2013 by M.J.M

The lotus is genius, for its design and its quality. I use it as my regular crib, everyday for naps and bedtime.  

The side door means I could nurse my fussy 6 month old down in the crib and roll out once she's asleep. A total lifesaver since she went through a period of waking 50% of the time when I would move her out of my arms into a regular crib. I have a friend who has a similarly fussy baby who used to climb inside the baby bjorn crib till baby fell asleep and then tried to climb out- I'm glad I never had to try that plan.

The mesh going down to the bottom gives me complete peace of mind. My daughter has since learned how to roll on her stomach to sleep and I find her nestled up against the side of the crib, but since her nose is up against mesh I don't worry. If it was a regular travel crib, including the Bjorn, that bottom edge would be solid polyester and I'd would either go out of my mind worrying if she's breathing or check on her every 5 min (waking her up in the process). If it was a hard crib she would be bumping arms and legs against the hard edge, which would make me want to put in bumpers but since she's pulling up it's too dangerous to have them. The lotus's mesh sides saves me from this conundrum.

The crib design has high attention to detail. The mattress has velcro straps along the edges that thread through the fitted sheet and velcro to the crib bottom. The mattress cannot move or be lifted, so I don't have to worry about baby ending up underneath it. Mattress is thick enough to use everyday, and it doesn't matter what surface you put the crib on, hard wood floor or carpet. The zipper handle on the side door has a little hook to connect it to the edge, so there is no way a baby or toddler could open the zipper if you didn't want them to. And the side door also means you can use it as a play yard or a toddler fort, baby can choose to get in and out at will (if you leave it open, of course).

Crib folds out very easily, is light and fits into a longish back pack that still qualifies as a carry-on on the plane. The top edges of the crib have a star and moon that you match when you folded up, a nice touch to make it easier for parents. I love that I can take it anywhere without thinking twice about it.

This is by far the best crib I've come across, very well made, well designed, and very high quality. Highly recommend.


So easy!, February 20, 2013 by K.L.R.

This is so easy to set up and folds down very compact. I actually put it in a large duffle bag (the kind with wheels) and pack diapers and baby clothes around it and then it checks through!


Love it, February 15, 2013 by A.D.

This crib is everything we were hoping for. It is super easy to set up and take down, washable, and baby loves it. We use it both as a play yard in our home, and a travel crib when we travel with baby.
You need this crib, February 11, 2013 by L.H.
We love the Lotus. Slick, simple and intuitive. It's by far the easiest baby equipment I have ever assembled. Just used it for baby's first flight and trip to grandma's house. We like playing with her via the side door and she was calm in it from the first use. Pretty great for a 4-month old. I particularly love that the mattress doubles as a case/shaper for packing because I am usually terrible at making things fit back into their original packaging.

It has the right balance of thoughtful detail (a snap for holding it shut, picture instructions, carrier back straps) without overdoing it with useless gimmicks. Large enough to grow with her but packs down to surprisingly small dimensions. It will also be doing double duty as her basement playpen so she can now safely nap anywhere in the house.

Planning and packing so much baby gear for the first time was taxing so I practically heard a choir of angels singing when I tested out this crib.
Super easy and great looking!, February 10, 2013 by A.
I actually haven't used the crib yet, but got it before we move from the US to Africa in a couple weeks. I wanted something we could carry on the plane to ensure my 6 week old would have a place to sleep immediately when we arrive (and we travel a lot). I was actually going online to buy the Guava GoCrib when I saw that this one had just come out! I was delighted as I wasn't crazy about the inflatable one. The bag is so light and portable. It is so much nicer than lugging the pack n play bag we are using now. I couldn't believe how easy it is to set up and take down! The frame is so simple and great. The mattress does take a little bit of time to velcro all around, but it is not too bad. The mattress feels comfortable and I love the look of the crib. It is going to be perfect for our uses. I only wish the bassinet portion was available! I am sad about putting my 7.5 week old on the floor.

Guava- can you get the bassinet out in the next couple weeks, please?!?!

I am looking forward to getting the sunshade when it comes out, and I am hoping there will also be a bug net (we will be living in a malaria zone and using another net, but I'd like one that fits perfectly).

With the bassinet this will be the perfect travel crib and I am really happy we got it!
Perfect Answer for Grandma, January 27, 2013 by N.F.
Our family and first grandchild were coming to visit and I was torn between acquiring a slew of equipment that would be just right but would also be hard to store and too easily outgrown. The Guava Portable crib solved a number of my problems - easy to transport for family vacations to our ski cottage and visits to our condo, multipurpose; and, most important, my little Charlotte was happy snuggled inside. Also her parents felt that she was safe and secure while in it. The crib just fit into a bedroom alcove where it was easy to lift her in and out. With the mesh sides, she had a great view of what was going on when she needed to, but we could easily darken the crib with a light blanket when she needed to sleep. Packing and unpacking was quick, and, key to us was that the crib/play pen tucks into a closet to store for the next visit. A home run for us - thank you Guava Family. I know you Grandmas will enjoy it too!
Awesome travel crib, January 25, 2013 by MHK
After shopping around for a couple of months, we decided to wait for the Lotus Crib to come out. We were thankful that this crib came out in time for our recent trip. It was extremely easy to set up. We love that the Lotus has mesh all the way down, without a vinyl edge at the bottom like what the BabyBjorn or Valco travel cribs have. Our 8 month old slept extremely well in it and was able to fall asleep easily. He has slept in other "pack-n-play" type of cribs, and he would always take some time to find a comfortable position to fall asleep. We also like the fact that the Lotus has the mattress essentially on the floor, which probably provides a bit more support.

We had the quilted sheet for our 8 month old even though it's supposedly for age 1 and up. The regular cotton sheet didn't ship in time. We had brought a generic playard/portable crib sheet as a spare, which we ended up having to use. We just tried to tuck the sheet under the mattress as much as possible, which worked fine as well.

The crib is on the long side and barely fits into my 26" suitcase, so I ended up checking it as a piece of luggage. It has survived the baggage handling so far.

Overall, we are very happy with the purchase.
Chose after looking at several different travel cribs, January 16, 2013 by A.G.
We are expecting our first child very shortly, and live in a different state than my parents (and from my husband's father, for that matter). My mom wanted to buy us a travel crib so that we'd have something to bring along for baby to sleep in when we visit there. We had searched and read up on several different options. We had considered the Baby Bjorn travel crib, Phil & Ted's travel crib, the Quickstart 3 in 1 travel cot, the GoCrib (also by the same manufacturers as this crib), as well as the various Pack & Plays. While they all have their benefits, this one seemed to be the best of all worlds. It has the ultra-easy set up of the Baby Bjorn, the compact folded up design of the Phil & Ted's (as well as the zip down side), is similar weight to those two light weights, too. To boot, we love that the mesh goes all the way down the sides -- the lack of which was something we were lamenting on those other two.

When we first started looking for travel cribs, this crib wasn't yet out (apparently.) Thankfully my mom spotted it before we had ordered anything else, and though we were slightly hesitant as there were only 2 reviews at the time, we went ahead and decided it looked like the option for us. When the crib arrived, I had it set up, without looking at instructions, within about 30 seconds (not counting the velcro tabs to hold the mattress in place - that's probably the most time intensive part of set up, and you can imagine that's not too bad.) I did need the instructions the first time to figure out how to take it down, but once you do it once or twice it becomes a cinch, too.

With close family in 3 different states, we will definitely be doing our share of travel while our little one is young enough to use this crib. We're so glad that it will be easy to transport, whether we are traveling by car or by plane. We are looking forward to being able to use it while camping, too (and glad the cover can come off to be washed after
LOVE this crib!!, January 15, 2013 by J.H.
We already owned the GoCrib and bought the Lotus crib for Grandma's house. Both cribs are super-lightweight, portable and the zippered side door makes it easy for me to lie down next to our daughter when we need to soothe her to sleep. We also like the stylish, modern design and the fact that it takes up so little floor space. (Not to mention we can just fold it up and put it in the closet when our daughter graduates to a real bed instead of storing a full-sized crib indefinitely before we have our second child.) In fact, we like the Lotus so much, we're thinking about buying another one to replace the Pack n' Play in our living room! Thanks to the Guava Family team for designing two great products!!
Functional, compact, and safe!, January 14, 2013 by J.C.
My 8 month old baby loves to stand up in this crib, chew on the edges and look around at everyone. It's great that the fabric is washable and the zipper opening allows me to put her in more easily when she's already knocked out. The soft sides are also safe for her head because she is always falling all over the place. Compact, practical and definitely recommended :)
Amazing, January 12, 2013 by J.K.
With the hundreds of items I purchase on amazon, I am bad about leaving reviews, but this one, this one I had to take the time for. Was looking for a baby gift for my brother and sister-in-law and stumbled on this. After looking at the reviews, I decided to order one for us and try it out first 'cause I wasn't happy with the bulky alternative we've been using. OH MY GOODNESS. The best, most unique, convenient, quality porto-crib I have ever used, and between ours and my friends', we've tried atleast 3 different kinds. My husband and I are road-trip junkies and love throwing the toddler in the car to take quick weekend excursions. Having this crib, especially over the holidays when we were going from one relative to another, was sooooooooooooo convenient. It snaps out into a crib in no time, and it doesn't take that much space up because it folds up into a compact backpack! And I think our toddler likes this one even more because we leave the side zipper door down, so she can use it as a play pen that doesn't restrict her play. She can go in and out during play time but she knows when I zip it up it's time for bed. I love this product so much, and needless to say am excited to surprise my brother and sister-in-law with one!!!! Totally worth the money.
LOVE it!, January 11, 2013 by B.
My new lotus crib arrived today and while we haven't given it an official test run yet, I've been "playing" with it for a while and LOVE it! Such high quality, I set it up in less than 60 seconds, without reading instructions (most of which was placing the sheet on the mattress) and took it down in about 20 seconds. My son enjoyed laying in it and it folds down so compactly and will be perfect for air travel (looks perfect size for a carry on), car travel and traveling to friends houses. My only, very minor complaint, would be that the mattress is just a bit too thin, but I look forward to purchasing the padded sheet once my son is older than one year, which I think will solve this issue. Five stars, Guava Family, this travel crib is GREAT!
Perfect gift for the whole family, January 3, 2013 by M.M.
I gave the Lotus to my wife for Christmas - she had seen the video and couldn’t stop talking about it. She was so excited that she pulled it right out of the bag and set it up in seconds - no instructions needed. Minutes later, after a long Christmas morning, our 10 month old was sound asleep inside. We left the side door open, and eventually he was crawling in and out of it, collecting his toys from Santa and putting them in the crib. He loved it too! Finally, I have to say the backpack straps are for dad and a must-have for travel. I have a feeling we’re going to use this all of the time. Great, great product.
The perfect crib for airplane trips & road trips!, January 3, 2013 by K.S.
In the world of baby goods, it can be difficult to know what will be just the right thing for your family - especially when you are a new or expecting parent. So, although we travel frequently, I guess I just figured the standard ol' pack & play would meet our needs. Now I wish that we saved the money we spent on that and bought the Lotus Travel Crib right from the start! I am so happy that we have it now!

I am not easily impressed but I will tell you that when I first opened the travel crib I literally said "wow" out loud. It is noticeably lighter and more compact than a pack n' play. It also assembles in a different and much simpler fashion. It was impossible to safely carry our baby and the pack n' play at the same time, but the backpack-style carrying bag of the Lotus is perfect for taking it on-the-go. It is truly a crib designed to make a late dinner at a friend's house or a flight to visit the grandparents (it fits in the overhead bin) easier!

Also, as a side note, I just love the way it looks! We actually keep it in our kitchen when we are not traveling (it is great to have a safe place for our daughter play when I am cooking) and it doesn't scream "Baby!" The understated style is a refreshing alternative to the animals and bright colors that adorn other portable cribs! We love it :)

SAFER than other travel cribs, January 11, 2013 by F.A.S.

Really love this Lotus Crib. Here's why:

Ease of use & portability:

It's lightweight and very portable. Much lighter than our pack 'n' play. Setup takes me less than 1 minute (plus another 1-2 minutes to close all the velcro tabs) and requires no tools. Putting it all back into the case takes me about 2-3 minutes. It will probably go faster when I become accustomed to doing it.

When it's set up, the shape and size are longer and narrower than our Chicco Lullaby LX play yard, and it's not as tall. It does not have wheels but it is very lightweight and easy to pick up and place elsewhere. Having it longer but narrower than a regular play yard means that it will fit a taller/longer baby until a later age (especially as there is no weight limit, unlike our play yard which has a 15 pound limit in the bassinet and 30 pound limit in the play yard). The narrower design and light weight also make this easy to move from room to room within the house, as it fits through doorways and is light and easy to carry (obviously take the baby out first). The narrower footprint also means that it's easier to find a place to set it up in a hotel room. (tip: When closing the crib to fold it up, the instructions tell you to press a button on each side of the top rail, that you can feel underneath the gray fabric. I think I was expecting something more round and sticking out, so it took me a minute to figure out what I was supposed to do, and I unzipped the gray fabric from the top rail to take a peak at the structure inside and look for the button I was intended to press. It was shaped more squarish and instead of being pushed in from the outside of the top rail as I had expected, you put your fingers under it and pulled up (towards the sky) on the button. Very simple and easy once you know what to expect.)

The travel case is about the size of a roll-aboard carry-on suitcase but both narrower and deeper, less wide (more squared base, less flat). there are straps to tote as a big tote bag, and in the back is a zipper compartment in which are stored backpack straps that turn the case into a backpack. It's rather long for a backpack but that does free up a set of arms for carrying other luggage or baby, or pushing a stroller. My husband (6ft tall) could more comfortably wear it as such than I could (5'5" tall).


We had planned on using our pack 'n' play (Chicco Lullaby LX) as our normal bassinet and as a travel crib/bassinet. But then our little one came along and he's very big for his age. He quickly outgrew the 15 pound weight limit on the bassinet feature of the Chicco Lullaby before he was 2 even months old, but he was still too young to have him sleep in the pack 'n' play on its lowest setting (play yard instead of bassinet) because he could not yet lift his head up and the lowest setting of the play yard had a fabric border along the bottom of the mesh sides, which would be a suffocation hazard for such a young infant. And the way he can gradually scoot himself around the crib by kicking his legs out, I didn't want to take the risk that he'd wedge his face against the fabric. So using the Chicco play yard as a travel crib wasn't going to work while our baby was still just a few months old. We transitioned him to sleeping in a traditional crib at night at home, but still needed a travel option. We don't want to rely on hotel cribs, as they are often outdated (pre-recall) or may end up being a regular pack 'n' play which is not safe for our baby to sleep in at his current young age and heavy weight. We looked at basically every other travel crib available on Amazon and in the big box stores and found that the Guava Family travel cribs (Go Crib and Lotus Crib) are the only ones that are very high quality and sturdy, ultra portable, and most importantly, do not have any fabric border at what would be nose-level for our infant who does not yet have the ability to lift his head. It's disturbing to me to see how many travel cribs out there don't warn parents of younger infants not to use them.

Also a nice safety feature is that the fitted sheet (we have the plain regular sheet not the quilted, since the quilted is not recommended for babies under 1 year old), has slots the edges. The velcro tabs on the mat connect from the mat through the slots on the sheet, and then to the bottom of the crib floor. This secures the mat and the sheet so baby can't grab it and pull it over his face.

I also like that this travel crib will still be suitable for our baby as he grows into a toddler. Once he's older (over a year is the recommendation, but it depends on when he can lift his head), we'll use the quilted sheet to add a little more softness, and maybe insert one of our waterproof pads (from another company) under the sheet (the mat is already water resistant, but this would be just to add another layer).


The top rail of the crib (looks like gray fabric border around the top edge) is completely rigid and sturdy when set up. The legs are metal and fold upon themselves where you see the round joint in the leg. The mat and bottom of the crib rest on the floor, so there is no weight limit. This is a plus if you are like us and need a travel crib safe enough for a newborn but able to support a very heavy young infant who weighs over 20 pounds at just 3 months (or if you have an older tot who needs a travel play yard but will outgrow the 30 pound weight limit on the traditional play yard. The sides of the Lotus Crib are black mesh fabric. The floor seems to be a black nylon or other synthetic. The mattress is also a synthetic that seems easy to clean by wiping it off, in case of any accidents or diaper blow-outs. The mattress does not have a wood support under it like our Chicco, but that's not necessary here since the mattress is laying on the crib floor which is directly flat on the floor of the room. The Lotus Crib mattress has velcro tabs to hold it down onto the crib floor. The ends of the mattress turn up a bit even so, but the baby's weight pushes it flat.

We pushed on the top rail ourselves to simulate an older tot pushing on it and found it remained stable. The top rail is rigid and the legs are also rigid and are set at a slight angle so the tops of the legs lean in towards the crib, so the base on the floor is wider and very stable.

Other aspects:

The mattress is thin, as noted by other reviewers. This is a legal requirement to prevent a suffocation hazard for infants in case they turn over and end up face down on the mattress.

The shape seems a bit longer and narrower than our Chicco play yard, but in theory we could use a regular fitted play yard sheet on the Lotus Crib, but I wouldn't. I think it's safer to use the sheets sold by Guava Family specifically for this crib, because they have slots in them as noted above, for the velcro tabs to hold them down. This is not necessary for a regular play yard as the wooden subfloor of the crib or bassinet would hold the mattress down and the mattress edges would hold the fitted sheet edges down. With the Lotus Crib, the velcro serves this purpose, so you really need the open slots in the sheets to put the velcro tabs through.

Also, the company is super responsive and excellent to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. You really get the friendly and attentive service of a small company. 

fussy baby who used to climb inside the baby bjorn crib till baby fell asleep and then tried to climb out- I'm glad I never had to try that plan.

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