GoCrib Travel Crib Review: Cool Mom Picks

Need a travel crib? Just pump it up.

Wednesday, August 11

Words I never thought I’d hear come out of my husband’s mouth as he strolled by our living room:Whoa, that’s some cool-looking pack-and-play.

While I’ve never thought of a portable crib as particularly cool, I do admit this is one that would stop me in my tracks too. Good thing it lives up to its looks.

The new GoCrib is totally unlike the portable cribs I had to schlep around when my three kids were babes. Back then, I remember metal bars and slippery nylon. I remember lugging a heavy bundle and trying not to pinch anything as I set it up. I remember it taking up half of my trunk in the minvan.

Times have changed for the better: The GoCrib is an inflatable crib that can be easily squashed back down into its backpack carrying case for easy transfer from hotel to hotel, or the beach to grandma’s. There are no hinges or hard edges to worry about since it is inflated with an easy-to-use pump. But even though it is inflated, it becomes super sturdy when it’s all set up—even after a weekend in my living room filled with stuffed animals and the occasional older child.

Since my kids used to lick everything, it’s definitely good that the GoCrib is made of PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free non-toxic materials. And the pump is non-motorized so you don’t have to think about things like batteries or outlets either.

The GoCrib does cost more than a regular travel crib, and it doesn’t have all those bells and whistles like a separate bassinet or attached mobile. But since it’s so easy to take anywhere, I know I’d get a ton more use out of it than I ever did with my old portable crib. It’s even convenient enough to bring to those visits with your strange aunt who has loads breakable knick-knacks and cat hair all over her rug.

Now you really have no excuse not to visit with the baby. Sorry. -Christina

Guava Family’s GoCrib travel crib is now on sale at their website.