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Setting Up the Lotus Crib

Learn how to set up your Lotus Travel Crib easily (and quickly) along with a few tips along the way.

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Step 1

Unzip Bag & Lock Each Leg in Place

Put the Lotus Bag in a convenient place, unzip and open mattress flaps. Pull Lotus frame out and set in front of you. Then, lift each leg fully to ‘lock’ into place. You may need to move the fabric to accomodate the swing of each leg.

Step 2

Flip Lotus Over & Unclip

Flip the Lotus over so that the legs are facing down. Undo the clip that holds the frame together.

Step 3

Unfold & Lock Top Rail

While holding the ends of the top rail, pull apart to unfold and lock the top rail. Push the sides of the top rail apart to ensure they are properly locked.

Step 4

Place Mattress Into the Lotus

Unfold the mattress and place it into the base of the Lotus. Secure the clips through the base of the cover on all four corners.

Step 5

Unlock Zipper & Unzip for Play

At this point your Lotus is safe & ready for your little one to sleep or play inside. That said, if your little one is crawling, just unlock the zipper side door and zip down to convert the crib to a playard.