Removing & Re-Installing the Handlebar

Learn how to remove your Roam Stroller handlebar for maintenance and re-install.

Part One: Removing the Handlebar

Step 1

Unscrew Each Handlebar Screw

Before starting, lock the rear wheels of the stroller. Use a Phillips head screw driver to fully remove the two screws on the inside of either side of the handlebar.

Step 2

Pull Handlebar Out of Stroller

Once screws are removed, you can slide the foam portion of the handlebar out of the handlebar assembly for repair.

Part Two: Re-Installing the Handlebar

Step 1

Slide Handlebar into Stroller

If your stroller isn't locked, make sure to have the rear wheels locked before starting. Then, align both ends of the foam handlebar before sliding into the handlebar assembly.

Step 2

Install Both Handlebar Screws

Make sure handlebar is pushed all the way in and the screw holes are aligned. Then, using a Phillips head screw driver, screw both sides in until hand tight.

Pro tip: We'd recommend not using a electric screw driver as the screws can strip the plastic assembly.