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Removing & Re-Installing the Sun Canopy

Learn how to remove your stroller's sun canopy for maintenance and reinstall successfully.

Step 1

Unzip Back of Canopy

First, make sure you have locked your wheels on the stroller. To get access to the canopy zipper, open the velcro flap that's just below the instruction panel inside the handlebar. Then, unzip the canopy completely.

Step 2

Slide Both Canopy Supports Off

Next, use thumbs (both can be helpful!) to slide the canopy support off by pushing on just the top portion as seen in the photo.

Re-Installing the Canopy

Install Both Canopy Supports

With the stroller rear wheels locked, align the closed canopy in location above the canopy supports. Working on one side at a time, slide each support from the back of the stroller forward until it's all the way forward (like right side of photo).

Zipping Canopy Back On

Next, walk around to the back of the stroller to the handlebar area. Holding the velcro flap back, then zip canopy back on. Finish install by reclining seat all the way to velcro the flap back down.