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How to Re-Assemble Your Roam Seat & Pads After Washing

Learn how to reassemble the Roam Stroller's seat for easy machine washing.

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Step 1

Insert Seat Pad

Insert the seat flap into the pocket of the back seat pad bottom. Make sure it is completely inserted.

Step 2

Re-Thread Crotch Strap

Take the crotch webbing strap and pull through the seat pad and through the crotch buckle.

Step 3

Pull Shoulder Straps Though Pad

Pull the shoulder height adjustment straps through the seat pad and secure hook & loop tabs behind the shoulder heigh adjustment straps.

Step 4

Re-Attach Straps & Pads

Thread the shoulder webbing straps through the waist support, through the buckles, up through the shoulder pads, and then finally re-thread into the tightening buckles.