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Packing the Roam into the Padded Roller Bag

Learn how to pack your Roam Stroller into the Padded Roller Bag so it'll fit easily & be protected on your upcoming trip.

Unzip & Place Folded Stroller into Bag

Before putting the folded stroller into the bag, make sure to attach the handlebar strap to the red hook. This will keep the stroller locked in a folded position. Then, fully unzip the padded roller bag and place the folded Roam Stroller into the bag with the nose facing forward (toward the open bag flap).

Pro tip: Make sure to put the top two stretchy corner gussets in FRONT of the stroller corners. These keep the stroller from leaning forward.

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Troubleshooting: Stroller Won't Fit

If your folded Roam Stroller won't fit, then make sure to rewatch how to fold the stroller as it needs to be folded in its smallest form to be able to fit into the bag properly.

Pro tip: If the front wheel is sticking out, unfold completely and make sure to lock the front wheel backward, and then re-fold.

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