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Packing the Lotus Bassinet

Learn how to pack your Lotus Bassinet easily (and quickly) along with a few pro-tips along the way.

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Step 1

Remove Mattress

Grab the carry bag, unzip and place in a convenient location. Then, remove the mattress from the Bassinet by folding and sliding out.

Step 2

Unlock Both Rocker Bases from Legs

Remove both of the rocker bases by pushing the button on the connector and pulling the connector out of each leg.

Step 3

Unlock Both Top Rail Hinges

Unlock both top rail hinges by squeezing levers called out by the two arrows on the crib’s fabric cover. The levers are under the cover on the bottom side of the rail (you’ll be able to feel them).

Pro tip: Push outwards on the top rails while squeezing the levers and they will release easily.

Step 4

Rotate Hinges Inward

Rotate each side inward, making sure to match the moon icon on one side with the moon icon on the other side (and same with the star icons). This ensures the tightest fold.

Step 5

Secure Top Rails with Clip

To keep the top rails from opening, just take the black strap from either side and clip together on top of the rails.

Step 6

Unlock Each Leg and Fold

Now flip the Lotus Crib over onto the fabric cover on the ground or a secure raised surface. Unlock each leg hinge by pulling the portion of the leg nearest to you ‘up’ away from the hinge. Then rotate each leg inwards and down towards the top rail.

Step 7

Place Lotus & Rocker Bases into Bag

Fold the mattress into a “U” shape and push all the way down into the bag. Then, place the folded Bassinet down into the mattress in the bag. Next, place the rocker base ends upside down on the top of the folded Lotus. Zip up the bag, and you’re done!

Step 8

Turning Bag into Backpack Carry

The carry bag can be carried like traditional tote bag or as a backpack. If you’d like to turn into a backpack, just unzip the backpack strap zipper on the backside, pull straps down and to fasten with clips to D-rings at bottom corners.