Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib Review: Spearmint Baby


January 8, 2013

The Lotus Everywhere Crib is so easy to use and easy to take with you, you will want to use it everywhere…Use the Lotus at home, at a friends house for dinner, or even in the airport terminal (it fits as a carry-on). The Lotus is more than a travel crib. It’s an Everywhere Crib.

The Lotus features a fantastic side door. Soothe your baby to sleep while you lie in the Lotus next to them with your legs sticking out the door. Once they’re asleep, you can sneak out, zip the door closed, and watch as they dream peacefully. If you’ve had a C-Section and leaning over a crib rail to pick up your child is difficult, now you can simply kneel down and place them in the side. Need to nurse? lie next to them and nurse without having to move and completely wake them.

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