Installing & Removing the Roam Snack Tray

Learn how to install & remove your new snack tray to the Roam Stroller.

Step 1

Remove Left Accessory Plug

Apply parking brake. When facing stroller, remove the left plug from accessory attachment location by depressing the button and sliding it out.

Step 2

Insert Snack Tray Arm

Insert the snack tray arm fully and secure latch around the stroller frame. Pull upwards on the arm to test attachment.

Step 3

Rotate Tray for Use

Rotate the tray 90° for use or 180° for easier entry for your little one.

Removing Snack Tray & Arm

To remove the entire snack tray (arm + tray), completely unclasp the latch and then pull upwards from the snack tray arm.

Removing JUST the Tray for Dishwasher

Rotate tray to face towards the back of the stroller. Then, pull upward to release the tray from the arm. Tray is top rack dishwasher friendly.

Reinstalling Tray After Washing

Place tray into cup holder and rotate towards back of stroller. Make sure tab on bottom of cup holder is engaged with the key hole. Once engaged, rotate tray 90° for use. Pull up to ensure tray is securely attached.