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Installing the Chicco® Car Seat Adapter

Learn how to install your Chicco® car seat adapter so you can use the Roam from day one.

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Step 1

Remove Both Accessory Plugs

Apply the stroller parking brake. Remove both plugs from the accessory attachment locations by depressing the button and sliding them out.

Step 2

Insert Adapter

Insert the Chicco® adapter fully (arrows towards stroller nose) and secure latch around the stroller frame. Pull upwards on each adapter to test attachment.

Step 3

Recline Seatback

If needed, recline the stroller seat, using the button on the back of the seat, to make room before installing the car seat.

Step 4

Install Car Seat

Lower the car seat, making sure it's facing toward the back of the stroller, onto the adapter and press down firmly until you hear a loud 'CLICK' indicating the car seat is safely installed.

Pro tip: Test the car seat is securely attached by pulling up on the car seat. If the car seat isn't attached, recline the stroller seat back more to allow room for secure attachment.

Removing the Car Seat

To remove the Chicco® infant car seat, you need to depress the button at the back of the seat near the canopy. Then pull upwards.