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How to Clean & Wash Your Lotus Bassinet

Learn how to remove and machine wash the fabric portion of the Lotus Bassinet so it's clean & ready to use again.

Step 1

Remove the Cover

To remove the cover, unzip the four zippers that are located underneath the grey top fabric.

Step 2

Machine Wash & Drip Dry

The bassinet fabric can be machine washed cold on a gentle cycle. Once clean, make sure to drip dry and DO NOT tumble dry.

Step 3

Zip Bassinet's Fabric onto Frame

Re-assemble the bassinet cover to the aluminum top rail by completely zipping the zippers underneath the fabric on each of the four sides.

Pro tip: If the fabric cover doesn't seem to be fitting correctly, rotate the cover 90 degrees and try again. The short webbing straps with plastic clips should be on the shorter sides of the rectangle.