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How to Attach Your Lotus Crib Sheet

Learn how to properly install your Lotus Crib sheet so your little one can sleep comfortably & safely.

Step 1

Put Sheet on Mattress

Either remove the mattress from the crib or unclip all four corners of the mattress while it's still resting on the floor. Then, place your sheet onto the mattress making sure to match the long side of the sheet to the long side of the mattress.

Step 2

Clip Mattress in Through Sheet

If the mattress is out of the crib, then place the mattress into the crib so it's resting on the bottom. Then, work around each corner of the mattress sliding the mattress clips through the sheet holes and then through the bottom of the crib's fabric base to attach to each leg.

Washing & Drying Your Sheet

All crib sheets can be machine washed, but make sure to use cold water on a delicate cycle to keep the sheet from being shrunk. Once clean, you can dry the sheet with low heat or delicate cycle.