GoCrib Travel Crib Review: Yahoo Shine


By Babble.com | Parenting – Mon, Aug 2, 2010

Plane, trains, automobiles…no matter how you get to where you’re going this summer, traveling with kids is no easy feat. In fact, I’ve recently stopped calling family vacations “vacations” and have relegated them the “trip” category. For me, a vacation for means lounging poolside with a Margarita in hand, sleeping in late and getting massaged to an inch of my life. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen when you’re on the road with kids.

Still, there are plenty of new products that are trying to put the vacay back into traveling and help parents stay sane and kids stay happy.

Up until now, there ‘s been no elegant, portable solution to sleeping on the road, save that old Pack & Play standby. Thankfully, Guava Family has just released a beautiful, modern and portable solution. Just inflate the crib using the pump provided and your kids will sleep soundly through the night. And you can pack it all up in the provided backpack (weighs only 8 pounds), so you can check in, check out and go.