GoCrib Travel Crib Review: The Fire Wire

As a father with a precocious 17 month old daughter, I am constantly looking for new baby products that simplify our life. We travel quite a bit and understand the challenges of the traditional Pack N’ Play; they are bulky, heavy, consume a lot of space and are often times difficult to set up.

The smart people at Guava Family intelligently redesigned the moveable crib taking into account the important factors of weight, portability, space, safety and ease of use.

Instead of hinges and mechanisms the GoCrib uses rigid inflation technology. Within seconds a supplied foot pump fills the crib with air and the end result is a sturdy, stable, lightweight and safe crib for your child to sleep or play in. The pressure gauge tells you when it’s ready to use.

When not in use the GoCrib is incredibly compact. It deflates and can be stored in its own backpack.

GoCrib is made of PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free non-toxic materials. It is designed for ages 0-3 for rest and ages 0-5 for play. The GoCrib is the same internal size as a typical playpen but only weighs eleven pounds including the pump, backpack and crib.

GoCrib retails for $249 and includes free shipping and a 1-year limited warranty. In my opinion GoCrib is the perfect portable crib solution for overnight trips, a day at the beach or a visit to a friend’s house. We have one packed in our trunk and can’t wait to use it for our next family adventure! The GoCrib is now sold at 80 REI stores across the country. You can check HERE for availability and a location near you.