GoCrib Travel Crib Review: Daily Candy Kids


Have Crib, Can Travel

Go Crib Lightweight Travel Solution

July 06, 2010

When coordinating summer travel plans with multiple kids and assorted sleeping paraphernalia, the next best thing to a personal valet would be a cheerleader (C’mon, Mom, you can do it!).

Which is why you’ll be rah rah rah for Go Crib. The latest gear for families on the move, it takes the hassle and heft out of travel cribs.

Using the same inflation technology that gives kiteboards their lightweight yet solid frame, the crib inflates in a flash (the pump has a built-in pressure gauge to tell you when it’s full). To deflate, just release the valves and smoosh it down. The accompanying, self-inflating sleeping mat gives extra cushion to little tushies.

Designed to be sturdy and strong when in use and compact when not, the entire crib (pump and mat included) folds into a backpack that’s light enough to wear (ten and a half pounds!) and small enough to fit in an overhead airplane compartment. Now that’s something to whoop about.