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Converting the Lotus Crib into the Bassinet

Learn how to convert the Lotus Crib into an infant-ready Bassinet.

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Step 1

Remove All Crib Feet

Release each of the four crib feet by pushing and holding the release button while at the same time pulling the foot out of the leg.

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Step 2

Remove Crib Cover

To remove the cover, unzip the zipper underneath the fabric on each of the four sides.

Step 3

Zip Bassinet's Fabric onto Frame

Assemble the bassinet cover to the aluminum top rail by completely zipping the zippers underneath the fabric on each of the four sides.

Pro tip: If the fabric cover doesn't seem to be fitting correctly, rotate the cover 90 degrees and try again. Since the bassinet is a rectangle, you just have to have the longer sides of the cover matching the longer sides of the bassinet frame. The short webbing straps with plastic clips should be on the shorter sides of the rectangle.

Step 4

Insert Bassinet Rocker Arms

Assemble the rocker arms by pushing the button and sliding the connectors up into the leg base.

Pro tip: Pull downward on each rocker arm to ensure it's properly attached before moving to the next step.

Step 5

Place Mattress into the Bassinet

Unfold the mattress and place it into the base of the bassinet. Test mattress is in correctly by pressing down on both side. This helps the velcro underneath to settle and ensures the bassinet is ready for your infant!