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Converting the Lotus Bassinet into the Crib

Learn how to convert the bassinet back into the Lotus Travel Crib once your little one has grown out of the bassinet.

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Step 1

Remove Both Rockers Arms

Next, release the rocker arm feet by pushing and holding the release button while at the same time pulling the foot out of the leg above.

Step 2

Remove the Cover

To remove the cover, unzip the four zippers that are located underneath the grey top fabric.

Step 3

Zip Crib Top Fabric onto Frame

To assemble the crib cover to the aluminum top rail, completely zip the zippers underneath the fabric on each of the four sides.

Step 4

Insert All Crib Feet

Insert each separate crib foot by pushing the button and sliding the foot up into the leg base.

Step 5

Place Mattress in Crib & Clip In

Unfold the mattress and place it into the base of the Lotus. Secure each of the four mattress clips through the base and connect to the clips on the end of each of the feet.