The Lotus Bassinet: A Baby Rocker Sleeper for Any Time or Place

The Lotus Bassinet: A Baby Rocker Sleeper for Any Time or Place

Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned pro at soothing a crying baby, you always want to choose the right gear for your newborn. When you’re looking for the perfect baby rocker, it’s easy to get bogged down with questions. What’s the safest model? Which one is the easiest to use? Will my little one feel comfortable? Every family has different needs when choosing a baby rocker, and that’s why we’ve created a bassinet that functions as a jack-of-all-trades.

In a few simple steps, the Lotus Bassinet converts from a stationary sleeper to a gentle rocker. Designed to stand at the height of the average bed, you can easily reach over and rock your infant back to sleep when they get fussy during the night. Soft mesh walls ensure you always have a clear view of baby, and a washable mattress makes for easy clean up.

The Lotus Bassinet is perfect for infants up to 18 lbs and can easily be converted into a Lotus Travel Crib once your little bundle of joy starts growing. With so many different ways to enjoy the sight of your napping baby, our convertible baby rocker sleeper is ideal for busy parents who want to have as many options as possible.

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Benefits of Rocking Your Baby

Apart from spending quality time with your little one, a baby rocker has plenty of benefits that can help your family adjust to its newest member. The soothing capabilities of rocking your upset newborn has long been proven by parents and doctors all over the world. But standing up to soothe your child can be tiring, and rigid rocking chairs can hurt your back if they don’t offer proper support. Baby rockers are the perfect solution to comfort your child without putting any excess strain on your own body.

Enjoy having your hands free to make dinner or take a minute to relax on the couch knowing you can simply stretch out your arm when baby needs to be soothed. The lightweight materials of the Lotus Bassinet make it easy to move from room to room so you never have to let your little one out of your sight. With just a gentle nudge, you can lull your baby back into sleep without stopping everything else you need to get done.

Apart from being an excellent method to soothe your child, rocking your baby to sleep has also been connected to increased growth in premature babies. A 2015 study from the University of Illinois found that preemies grew at much faster rates when they were rocked and massaged when compared to babies who didn’t receive the same kind of attention. Even if your little one isn’t born prematurely, rocking is a wonderful way to stimulate their senses and encourage an early introduction to rhythm, motion, and visual stimulation.

A baby rocker designed with you and your baby in mind.

Ensure your baby gets the rest she needs with the Lotus Bassinet.

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Key Features of a Baby Rocker

So what should you look for when finding the best baby rocker for your own family? There are plenty of models on the market that emphasize flashy bells and whistles or come with motorized features. Many baby rockers can’t be converted to a sleep bassinet, so it’s important to determine precisely how each piece of equipment you invest in should be used. That’s why we believe a simple, elegant design that doesn’t overstimulate your little one is always the best route to go.

The Lotus Bassinet features a soft, thin mattress pad that doesn’t pose any suffocation risk to your baby. Thick, cushy mattresses are dangerous for infants who can’t easily move around on their own. Remember that no matter how cute it is to see your sweet child wrapped up in a blanket or play with a teddy bear, do not leave those items in the rocker as they sleep. The chance of SIDS increases significantly when you keep other items in your baby’s bed, so it’s best to store those gifts from Grandma in a separate play area.

Always opt for a baby rocker that has transparent sides. The Lotus Bassinet is equipped with non-toxic ClearView mesh walls so your newborn gets maximum air flow to keep them cool and happy. Not only does this key feature let you see your sleeping bundle from all angles, but it also keeps them safe. If your infant manages to roll up against the side of the bassinet, they would still be able to breathe easily until you’re able to adjust them.

Once your baby learns that they can move the rocker on their own to self-soothe, it’s critical to make sure they can’t topple over accidentally. A sturdy frame and the easy ability to switch between a rocking and stationary mode make the Lotus Bassinet the right choice to ensure maximum safety. A portable baby rocker should always have the ability to lock in place to prevent mishaps from curious siblings or active infants—plus, it gives you more options to customize your tot’s sleeping experience.

A Baby Rocker You Can Take Anywhere

Taking a short vacation to a relative’s house and need a safe place for your newborn to nap? Traveling with a baby can be difficult enough, so your gear shouldn’t add any extra hassle to your trip. The Lotus Bassinet is completely portable and can be folded up into a backpack in a matter of minutes.

While many baby rockers can be collapsed to a smaller size, most of them can’t double as a sleeper and a rocker. It’s perfectly safe for baby to take a nap in a rocker that holds them in an upright position, but to get a good night’s rest they should be laid flat on their back to encourage a long, safe slumber.

Instead of lugging around both a rocker and a sleeper every time you take a trip, the Lotus Bassinet offers everything you need to keep your infant content while you’re away from home in one simple piece of equipment. Plus, you’ll never have to wake your snoozing cutie to transfer them from a rocker to a sleeper. A well-rested baby means you also get to snag a bit of blissful beauty sleep so everyone in the family is a happy camper.

After a day of travel, both you and your baby are looking forward to some much needed rest.

With the Lotus Bassinet, setup is simple so you can quickly put your baby down for a nap.

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Transition From a Baby Rocker to a Crib

Once your little one outgrows the baby rocker, it’s time to start transitioning them toward a crib.  So does that mean the rocker will now just sit up in the attic until another little bundle of joy comes along? Not with the Lotus Bassinet. Our innovative construction allows you to easily turn the baby rocker sleeper unit into a travel crib that your tot can enjoy for many more years to come. Once they’ve reached this stage of development, rocking won’t be as necessary to soothe your baby and they can rely on pacifiers or toys to comfort their bad moods.

Converting the Lotus Bassinet from a portable baby rocker into a travel crib is a breeze. Just remove the rocking legs, unzip the bassinet basket, and secure the sides of the mesh crib to the frame. This easy transformation extends the life of your baby rocker by a few years, and you can still pack it up into the same compact backpack whenever you need to travel.

Just like our Lotus Bassinet, the travel crib features premium materials that ensure your baby’s health, safety, and comfort. Pamper your little one with a quilted crib sheet or organic crib sheet to make their nap time cozier than ever. Plan on spending a lot of time outside? We have a sun shade that protects your toddler’s skin from harmful UV rays and a mosquito net that fends off pesky bugs when you play in the backyard. No matter how hectic life can get, you can always rest easy knowing our travel crib is easy to assemble, move, and pack up whenever you need a safe playpen for your little one to enjoy.

The Guava Family Difference

At Guava Family, we believe life should be spent together. Keep your little rascals close at hand with our lightweight, compact, and elegant products that are designed to grow with your baby so you get as much use out of them as possible. Having a familiar space to return to when it’s time to rest is great way to comfort a finicky child. Not to mention, keeping the same gear for multiple years ensures you’re always comfortable laying your little one down to rest.

All of our products pass through rigorous third-party safety tests. Our promise is to always provide the highest quality when it comes to safety, design, and function so you focus on what really matters: making a lifetime of memories together as a growing family.