Meet the Guava Family Brand Ambassadors

We are very excited to introduce you to our very first Guava Family Brand Ambassadors! See a little about them below and look for their adventures with their Lotus' on our blog and social feeds over the next few months.

Annie B. (@prettypleasemrsb)

Hello! My name is Annie and this is my son Kai (9 months). We are very excited to welcome the Lotus into our home as our portable crib and play yard. With another one on the way this spring, I'm excited to be able to move the Lotus to different rooms with ease. Most of all, I look forward to the side access door to avoid leaning as my belly grows! Please tag along on our adventures in San Francisco, and the Bay Area. We look forward to many outings (okay, probably more cozy stay-ins) where Kai will be able to explore, rest, and play safely.  

Hannah F. (@hgwinnfran)

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am a former Pediatric ICU nurse turned SAHM to two kids (girls, ages 3 & 19 months) and a third (another girl) due to arrive any day now! My husband (of almost 5 years) & I are raising our sweet family in WV, where we love swimming & boating in the summer, playing in the snow in the winter, and going to church on Sundays. In my spare time (it occasionally happens!), I enjoy cooking & baking and being an MVP Contributor for Guidance Guide. And thank goodness for coffee and babywearing!

Ashley A. (@ashley_aamot)

My name is Ashley, I am the proud mama bear to Bodhi. We live in Long Beach. We love to go walking by the beach, take our dog Uzi to the dog beach and dog park, we love to go visit family and especially shopping...but that’s more for me than it is Bodhi! We cannot wait to share our experiences with you!

Kristianna H. (@lifewithkristiannajade)

My name is Kristianna and we are a military family who is constantly on the move! Our baby HAR has tons of energy and the lotus is going to help us a ton with traveling back in forth these next few weeks! Thank you guava for choosing us to be a part of the guava family!

Nancy G. (@spiffykerms)

Nancy is a Canadian living in sunny California and her little family of 3 (counting the sweet big brother/pup!) And after many years she's finally expecting her first born, due in February. We're a super active family who not only travels frequently back and fourth to Canada to visit home, but also love to take everyone in tow for rock climbing (me), and Ironman triathlons (the hubs), so we know the Lotus will be a great piece in our travels. 

Natasha P. (@natashapleis)

Natasha and her husband, Jacob, live in Northern California where they are currently renovating their 1925 bungalow and raising their five month old daughter, Lina. They enjoy a good sushi roll, the outdoors, fall, and continuously dreaming of traveling the world as a family.