Ambassadors Share Travel Tips That Worked for Them

As the holidays approach you may be thinking about taking your little one on their first trip. The idea of a road trip or flight with baby can seem overwhelming. We asked our Guava Family Brand Ambassadors to share what has worked for them:

From @lifewithkristiannajade

  • Have a mirror so that you can see them in the car seat from the drivers seat
  • Pacifier clip attached so that it is easy to reach for their binkie
  • A bottle or snacks within arms reach
  • Toys they can play with
  • Travel during nap/bedtime so you don't mess up their sleep schedule (and they sleep most of the time!)


From @ashley_aamot
  • Less is more. Really think about what activities you’ll be doing and how many outfits and shoes you really need. I know for myself I tend to over pack because “I never know what I’ll feel like wearing” BUT even if it is hard it is always best to have less with you not only because it’s easier to carry you also can keep track of all your things and not leave anything behind.
  • Have a plan. There is nothing worse than showing up in a new place and suddenly realizing you don’t know where you want to go. Then you’re sitting on your phone for hours trying to find and agree on places to go. Read about each of your locations.. Find the new fun places to go and of course the tourists stops as well! Spontaneous trips can be fun too but sometimes you don’t get to experience everything to the fullest! 
Mom to be @spiffykerms is looking forward to taking along her Lotus on future trips!
"It's perfect for travel due to it's backpack straps, and keeping baby comfortable in a familiar place when traveling." 
What are your top travel tips?