Designing a Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

Time to start decorating a nursery for your baby? Here are some nursery decorating tips and baby bedroom design ideas to help you create a nursery that will grow with baby.

1. Think about the color palette of your baby bedroom design, steer away from the pastel colors and opt for either neutrals like gray or fun bright colors like lime green.

2. For wall art think stickers that are easy to remove rather than traditional wall paper, borders or painted scenes. 

3. Pass on the changing table and instead opt for a dresser, you can secure a changing pad to the top and use the top drawers for diapering supplies when baby is young. 

4. 4. Choose classic patterns over whimsical patterns when you are finding ideas for decorating a nursery.

5. For the younger years add small 'baby' accessories to your baby bedroom design that can easily be removed as baby grows older.

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