Real Moms Share: Katie Hans

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*guest post from Katie Hans: 

                                                                                                                                     My name is Katie Hans, and I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and a newborn baby boy! I love to spend my spare time crafting, shopping, reading reviews on great baby products, and writing.. Of course all of these come after being a mom! 

            I’m pregnant with my second baby, and he’s due anytime! My first baby is a girl, and she’s now three and a half! Despite everyone telling me to buy gender neutral items, I couldn’t help but migrate toward the pinks and purples the first time around! This time around? I barely wanted to buy anything. I think the idea of having so many outfits with tags still attached, toys never played with, and gadgets that never made it past the first battery replacement, made me use my head and make smarter choices this time around.

            So, you can imagine my excitement when I was given a Guava Family Lotus! Upon its arrival, I briefly read over some of the amazing reviews it had posted about its “lightweight physique” and “convenient travel.”

            First off, the size of it on my doorstep was almost unbelievable. I am due any day with baby number two, and I had no problem lifting up the package from my doorstep and bringing it inside. I opened the box and pulled the Lotus out. It came with easy instructions, and my handy man husband wasn’t even aware I was going to attempt to put something together. It took me 65 seconds to pull it out from the shipping box, take it out of its travel backpack and pop it up into place. 65 seconds! Can you believe that? Once I had it popped up, I began thinking of all the things this lotus would allow me to do once the baby gets here. After a few more times of pulling it open and then closing it, I perfected the promised time of 15 seconds. I moved it from the living room to the kitchen, and from the kitchen up a full flight of steps to the bedroom. It was that simple to move around, that easy to set up and take down, and so lightweight, that I covered probably half the house with that thing in less than 5 minutes.


  I travel, A LOT, so this is a big deal for me. I have family all over California, and we make it there at least two or three times a year. Going to the beach with a baby isn’t so much fun. Although how can you not go to the beach? The easy zip door and breathable clearview mesh material made me excited thinking of going to the beach on our next trip! (I’ll definitely be investing in the fun shade!) Not to mention, we almost always have to haggle the receptionist at the front desk of a hotel to bring us a baby crib. Not with this Lotus around! I packed the crib up, and put it back in the backpack and threw it on my back. It was about the width of my body. I took it outside with me to grab the mail, and walked back through the house with it on. It was so comfortable! The idea of this thing alone and all the possibilities of travel with it has made me so much more excited to meet my newest baby and take him to California to meet the rest of my family! It truly is a portable crib with endless possibilities. You can pop it up in the airport, at the beach, in the yard for a cookout, etc. I can’t wait for more adventure with it!