DIY Travel Games for Toddlers: Fishing and Lego Box

As I prepare for another international trip with my kids I once again find myself digging in my bag of tricks to keep them occupied on the flight and bus ride with good travel games for toddlers.

I am by no means crafty, but thought these looked easy enough to recreate as DIY travel games when I saw them in the store. I let my kids briefly test them out to make sure they liked them, but not enough time so that they got tired of playing with the new toys. Here are some easy to make travel games for toddlers or DIY travel games for kids. 

DIY Fishing Game


1 dowel

1 magnetic jewelry clasp

small magnets

bakers twine or ribbon

washi tape 


fish template



hot glue gun


1. Cut dowel to desired fishing rod length and then use scissors to make groove for the bakers twine or ribbon.

2. Cut ribbon to desired length and tie one half of the magnetic jewelry clasp to it.


3. Tie the other end of the ribbon to the dowel on the grooved end. If desired, you can decorate with washi tape. 

4. Cut out your fish template (I used this one), fold the felt in half, then trace the template with a sharpie as many times as it will fit. 

5. Cut out all the pairs and open them up to put in 2 small magnets.

6. Use hot glue gun to glue the two pieces of felt together and to put the finishing touches on your magnetic travel game for toddlers.


DIY Lego Travel Box

My boys LOVE Legos, I wanted an easy way for them to build while we are on the plane and bus without the Legos falling everywhere. I just glued a small piece of the Lego creator sheet into a dollar pencil box.