Traveling with Baby: Sleep Tips

Traveling with baby? Worried about how they (and you) are going to get some sleep? Here are some baby travel tips for ways to get your baby to sleep and to make sure everyone is well rested and enjoys vacation:

1. Dealing with a time change. 

If you are going on a short trip (3 days or less) try to keep them on their regular schedule so that you don't have to try readjusting when you get home. If your trip is a bit longer try getting them on schedule gradually, a good method for getting your baby to sleep is to try splitting the difference for 2 days. If the time is 4 hours different try putting them to bed 2 hours earlier and not letting them sleep in too late to help them get on schedule. 

2. Bring the comforts of home.

Want to learn some ways to get your baby to sleep on vacation? Try to keep baby's bedtime routine the same and bring along their favorites, like bath toys and any comfort items they like. If you haven't already, set up your Lotus and let your child get used to it. If your baby sleeps with a white noise machine remember to bring one along or download an app on your phone. 

3. Have enough room.

Another one of our baby travel tips: if you are staying in a hotel do some research and try to stay at a hotel that has an area for the crib that is not next to your bed, baby will likely go to bed before you and you don't want to risk waking them.