Last Minute Summer Fun Activities!

As summer comes to a close you might be like me, looking at the summer bucket list of family summer activities and realizing you aren't going to get to everything. I narrowed down my list and came up with a few summer kids activities that I want to do with the children with our last few weeks of summer!


1. Picnic at a new park with the kids.







2. Paint with bubbles. 

3. Paint with chalk paint. 

4. Local creamery for some local ice cream. 

5. Visit the beach.

6. Make ice cream. 

7. Water balloons. 

8. Scavenger hunt. 

9. Build with marshmallows. 

10. Pick fresh fruit and vegetables and have the kids help me cook with them. 

What are you going to do with your remaining weeks of summer? Tell us about what you think is great summer fun for kids.