Healthy Kids Travel Snack Recipes

One of the hardest things for me when it comes to picking which easy kids snack recipes to prepare is how am I going to transport them so that they don't get all smashed up and the kids can easily eat without spilling everywhere. As we prepare for summer travel here are some healthy snack ideas for kids on the go that I am going to give a try.

My kids love peanut butter to dip just about everything so I love the idea of using an old peanut butter jar filled with some peanut butter on the bottom and celery and carrot sticks stuck in.

I am a huge fan of Easy Lunchboxes for lunches and sometimes dinners on the go, school lunches and picnics. These can make healthy snacks for toddlers and are the perfect solution when the kids might have to have a meal on the go.

Here are some easy snacks for kids I packed for a quick road trip, the Squeasy Gear is perfect for applesauce so it doesn't end up spilled all over your backseat. 


(image via choose to thrive)

This idea is genius, turning a small bead box into a box for healthy snacks for kids on the go is perfect! The kids get a small amount of each type of snack without you having to bring along a ton of things in your bag.

(image via Actually Amy)