DIY Father's Day Gifts from Kids

With Father's Day quickly approaching you may be struggling with gift ideas, get the kids involved with these great ideas for Father's Day crafts. Every dad loves receiving unique Father's Day gifts from kids!

1. Handprint Mug

You can do this homemade father's day gift yourself at home or visit a local paint you own pottery place.

2. All About Dad Questionnaire 

If you have a preschool aged child you know they come up with the funniest things to say, capture some of that and gift it to dad in the form of a questionnaire. Check out this free printable.

3. Sharpie T-Shirt

Love this cute t-shirt idea from small + friendly, use masking tape to make the design and give your little one a sharpie and let them color. Remove the tape to reveal the design, and have fun coming up with multiple ideas for Father's Day crafts.

4.  We Love You Because

I actually did this for Mother's Day this year, but it would be perfect for Father's Day as well. Have the kids hold a sign that says why they love Dad (all my signs started with 'I Love You Because') and take pictures of them individually and put in a collage frame. 

5. Framed Art Work for His Desk

Have the kids paint a small white mat and then frame a picture of dad and the kids for him to take to work (or put on his night stand).