Travel Hacks for Parents Traveling With Children

1. Bring Goodie Bags
Travel can be very stressful, one way I like to award my kids for remaining patient is with special treats in goodie bags. This is definitely one of the simplest tips for traveling with children.
2. Travel Bed
A great travel tip for kids to keep them comfortable away from home or when traveling with a toddler, is with a sleep space they are familiar with. The Lotus Everywhere Crib is a great carry on when flying and can serve as a space to nap or play while waiting in the airport. 
3. Lint Roller
Perfect to clean up small messes, a must for family vacations with toddlers when they have snacks in the back seat.
4. Roll Clothes
One of my favorite tips for traveling with children, roll the clothes so they wrinkle less and you can fit more in the bag.
5. First Aid Kit
A must for family vacations with toddlers! I make sure to pack all the essentials including bandages, sterile gauze pads, antibiotic cream, Benadryl, a thermometer, pain/fever reducer, extra hand sanitizer, wipes and lotion.
6. Water Bottle
Bring a water bottle, go through security with it empty and fill at a water fountain. 
7. Treats in tackle box
Use a box with dividers to give the kids a variety of snacks, much better than continually digging through the bag when they want something different. 
8. Shower Caddy
The small shower caddies with suction cups are perfect to adhere to windows on family vacations with toddlers involving road trips. You can put small toys or snacks in there so that the kids can easily reach them.
9. Metal Lunch Box with Magnets
One of my favorite travel toys, small metal lunchbox filled with magnets. Better for older kids who will not put the magnets in their mouths. 
10. Night Light
If you aren't sure of the lighting situation where you are going, one of our tips for traveling with children is to pack the night light just in case, it can save you some tears at bedtime.