As I prepare for yet another flight with my kids I wanted to share some of my tried and true toddler travel tips. Here's how to travel with a toddler:

1. Pack reusable water bottles in your carry-on bag, this way you can fill at a water fountain once you make it through security.

2. Pack the stroller. With my kids I found that letting them walk through the airport and finding an empty gate for them to play in was a great way to get them ready to nap on the plane. Having a stroller is a top tip for traveling with toddlers.

3. One of my toddler travel tips involves the Lotus. Bring along your Lotus as a carry-on, flight delays happen and they are stressful. It is really nice to have a spot where the kids can rest. 

4. DVD coloring case, this is an idea I found on Pinterest and fell in love. It is perfect for keeping the crayons in 1 place while the kids color and not rolling around the floor of the plane. It is also a lot less bulky than a coloring book and box of crayons. 

5. 5. When traveling with toddlers bring snacks, and plenty of them. I bring along more snacks than I think I should because the last thing I want to do is run out. And I also keep a stash of super special snacks in case they start to get really antsy. 

6. Surprise toys are a huge hit with my kids. I pack a few of their favorite toys, but head to the dollar store or dollar bi at Target a few weeks before the trip and stock up on small surprise toys for them to play with. The kids love getting something new and, since I am not spending a fortune on toys for toddlers on a plane, if they get lost or broken it is not a big deal.

7. A fully stocked first aid kit is a must when traveling with toddlers. I of course bring the regular first aid ointment, band aids, fever reducer etc. But I also like to make sure that I bring along meds that I don't use on a regular basis in case of an emergency. We travel out of the country a lot and in some locations overseas they do not have drugstores like we do here and we don't have access to many over the counter meds that we use. 

8. Plastic wrap to prevent leaks. For both my checked bag and carry on I like to seal liquids with plastic wrap. I place a small piece over the opined and then put the lid back on. 

9. Press n seal. This is a trick I saw another mom doing at the airport and I thought it was genius. Carry press n seal to turn any cup into a spill proof cup. 

10. Last, but certainly not least for my toddler travel tips, I stash a couple of my favorite green tea bags in my carry on so I can treat myself on the flight.