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DIY Felt Pizza

February 25, 2015

I have seen all the quiet books and boxes on Pinterest and always thought as a mom of 2 boys that all this quiet stuff was for girls only, boy was I wrong. In the midst of planning for an upcoming trip I started my usual routine of looking for fun games for the kids to play in the airport and on the plane, I came across a Melissa and Doug create-you-own-sandwich ideas for DIY felt toys but didn't want to commit to spending that much money without know whether my kids would like it or not. I headed to Michael's and picked up some felt and went home to create some felt food toys.

In the end I made a felt pizza and a shape matching game. The pizza was by far the favorite and gave me quite a bit of quiet time at home, much to my surprise my boys even played with it together. Here are the instructions for this felt food toy.

Materials for DIY Felt Toys:

1 sheet tan felt

1 sheet red felt

1 sheet green felt (or if you scraps they will do)

1 sheet yellow felt (or if you have scraps they will do)

1 sheet white felt


1. Cut tan felt in large circle.

2. Cut red felt in slightly smaller circle (be sure to save plenty of red on side of circle for next step)

3. Cut small circles (pepperoni) from the remaining red felt. 

4. Cut the white felt into small strips to serve as cheese, for younger kids it might be better to cut a small circle out of the white so it doesn't get too messy.

5. Cut the green and yellow felts to make pepper and pineapple toppings for your felt food toys.

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