Summer Fun at the Park

With the unofficial start of summer right around the corner we are looking forward to afternoons at the park. Here are a few park essentials and must-have outdoor baby gear. What would you add to the list?

1. The perfect play/picnic mat. We love this one from Posh Play, it is waterproof, easy to wipe clean and a great item to add to your outdoor gear for your babies.

2. Sunscreen. Definitely one to keep in the park bag with the rest of the outdoor baby gear, even if applying at home never hurts to have some on hand to re-apply as necessary. (pictured: babyganics mineral based sunscreen)

3. Portable charger, don't get caught out with no phone battery. Especially if your phone doubles as a camera you will want to keep these on hand. (pictured: kate spade portable charger)

4. Sidewalk Chalk is fun for all ages!

5. Don't forget the snacks, we love the squeasy snackers for mess free snacking on the go. 

6. Balls, these are perfect to play with alone or with a friend. Play a game of catch, soccer or one of your own creation! (pictured: melissa and doug tribe kickball)

7. Lotus Everywhere Crib and Fun Shade, perfect for the nap at the park, play spot or just a place to get out of the sun. Keep your loved one healthy with our outdoor gear for babies.

8. Melissa and Doug Bollie Bubbles. A favorite, perfect for the solo trip to the park or a playdate.