4 Tips to Make Travel with Baby Easier

Planning a trip with the baby, even a day trip can present its challenges when you have a little one in tow. Here are some of our best baby travel tips to help make traveling with the little one go smoothly. Hopefully this advice will help you learn how to travel with a baby comfortably. 

Dress in layers

Have everyone in the family dress in layers, temperatures can change throughout the day and you will all want to be comfortable. 

Remember to bring

Perhaps one of the most important baby travel tips is to remember to pack a first aid kit. Additionally, bring some toys to keep baby entertained as well as a couple of busy bags for the older kids. I also like to stash a couple of special 'treats' my kids do not normally get.

Plan travel around nap times

For me traveling with a baby or with kids was always easier when we were in the car, train or plane while they were napping.

Create a home away from home

Bring along some of baby's favorite toys and comfort items as well as baby proofing items. We love these from Rhoost, they do not have screws or adhesives which makes them perfect for traveling with a baby. If you want to know how to travel with a baby, don't forget your Lotus Everywhere Crib. With it's easy set up, take down and backpack carrying case the Lotus is perfect to take along for both day trips and vacation. For day trips it can provide a comfortable and familiar place for baby to nap or play safely. And for vacation it is the perfect carry on! We have heard from several customers that the Lotus was the perfect place for baby to nap and play both in the airport and at their destination.