Perfect Carry On: Lotus Everywhere Crib

We love hearing from our fans about using their cribs for travel. Recently a few fans shared with us what a perfect carry-on their Guava Family travel crib is. What do you like to carry on the plane when you travel with the kids?

"Yesterday we were supposed to have an easy trip with one short layover home, a total of about 6 hours with a one-year-old. Instead we got a 20-hour trip with loooong layovers at different airports due to weather and whatever else was happening on December 30. We were totally grateful that the little guy could take a couple naps and be happily contained in this crib which thankfully is light and small enough to be a savvy carry-on. Such a great product! People stopped to ask us about it while we waited for hours for our next flight. Here's a photo of my husband getting the little guy to sleep." Ellen W. (Facebook)