Learning Fun with Duplos

As a mom of 2 boys my house is overrun with Duplos. In addition to building with them I have found a few other ways to incorporate teaching with Legos

1. Lego Duplo Education For Letter Recognition

I took 26 Duplos and grabbed a Sharpie and wrote the alphabet on them. The first game we played was building with letters, I would say a letter and my son would grab and it and make it the next block in his creation. 

2. Teaching With Legos For Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

After my son mastered uppercase letters I grabbed another 26 Duplos (remember I said my ouse was full of them) and wrote all the lowercase letters on them. As a fun activity he can do alone my son matches all the lowercase and uppercase letters.

3. Sight Words

As my son is learning sight words I have found he loves 'building' the words with his letter Duplos. 

4. Patterns

My younger son is working on patterns in school and a great way to reinforce this at home is to build a tower and have him either finish the tower with the correct color from the pattern or create an identical tower and tell me the pattern.

5. Number Recognition

I wrote numbers 1-10 on index cards and have my son build towers with the appropriate number of Duplos. 

Do you have any Lego Duplo education ideas to make learning fun in your home?