Easy DIY Paint for Kids

My kids LOVE to paint! Every morning it is the first thing they ask to do, a couple of mornings ago I ran out of paint and in a last ditch effort to keep the peace I tried out this homemade recipe for how to make paint for kids that I found on Pinterest from Learn~Play~Imagine.

This DIY paint for kids recipe was super easy and used ingredients I already had stocked in my pantry, food coloring and sweetened condensed milk. All I had to do was pour the milk into small containers, add coloring and let the kids have fun!

I will admit that the paint was sticky and did flake off the paper a bit as it dried. But the mess was easily cleaned up with soap and water and with all the art projects we do on an almost daily basis I didn't mind that the paint flaked off the paper a bit and probably would not last for a long time. So if you are looking for an easy DIY and edible alternative to traditional paint give this a try!