DIY: Healthy Fruit Snacks


My kids LOVE fruit snacks, so I decided to give some homemade fruit snacks a try. When I hear the word 'homemade' I automatically think it is going to be really hard, especially with things like finding a healthy fruit snacks recipe, I couldn't have been more wrong. This was super easy and has become part of my weekly routine, I make a double batch and put them in containers for the kids to snack on all week. 

DIY Fruit Snacks Ingredients

1/2 c fruit juice (I have used orange and apple juice, also thought about trying carrot juice)

1 c fresh or frozen berries (I used frozen mixed berries)

2 tb honey or sugar (I used honey)

4 packages of gelatin 


Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipe Instructions

1. Boil fruit and juice until fruit is soft.

2. Mix in the honey. 

3. Puree the mixture.

4. Let sit for 10 min to cool.

5. Whisk in gelatin packets 1 at a time.

6. Pour in pan or molds and put in fridge until chilled.

7. Cut and enjoy your own homemade fruit snacks with this healthy fruit snacks recipe!