Creative Baby Shower Games

It seems that all my friends are pregnant, and for quite a few of them I have been tasked with planning the games for their baby shower's. I didn't want to end up with the same recycled ideas for baby shower games for all the showers so I took to Pinterest for inspiration for creative baby shower games.

B-A-B-Y S-H-O-W-E-R Guessing Game

Image from The DeVore's via Pinterest

Love this Office Baby Shower from The DeVore's, I especially love this game! Inside each bag is something for the baby that starts with that letter, the person who guesses the most correctly wins. 

Blindfolded Diaper Changing Game

Image via Pinterest 

Saw this image on Pinterest among ideas for baby shower games and thought it looked like it could be a fun game!

Message on Diaper

Image from Urban Sky via Pinterest

Love this idea from Urban Sky, have guests write a message (funny or sweet) on a diaper. Then you can put all these diapers in a basket for mom and dad to use for those late night diaper changes!



Baby Shower Price is Right


Image via Pinterest

Have guests guess the price of each baby item without going over, have the actual products there for guests to look at and print up a sheet like this for them to fill out, one of the best ideas for baby shower games.

Do you have any creative baby shower games?