Revelation on a Road Trip with the Kids


This past week I have been trying to prepare for 5 hours in the car with my preschooler and toddler, I had snacks, games, movies, iPads and toys all set to keep them entertained on the ride. We loaded up the car and I climbed into the back with the kids to keep them calm during the trip. I have to admit, the car ride was nothing like I had imagined. 

The ride was actually enjoyable, I think it will be an experience I will cherish for years to come. The trip started out with excitement and only got better from there. Much to my surprise I never had to delve into my bag of tricks. My boys started by counting how many trucks of a particular color they saw to see who was the winner, then they watched the tractors cutting grass, took note of the livestock we passed, watched the planes and trains we passed. My preschooler told me all the odd facts he had about the various modes of transportation and my toddler just listened to his big brother. As we crossed our last bridge and watched the sunset I realized just how much I was enjoying the time with my boys. No outside distractions, no where to be or schedule to keep, it was nice just being with them. I learned that sometimes I do need to slow down and just really be IN the moment and enjoy my time with my kids, they really are growing up way too fast.