Travel Games for Kids

I am taking my kids on a road trip to a family reunion next week, so have been scouring Pinterest looking for some games to keep them occupied during the 5 hour car ride and in the hotel room. 

Here are some of my favorite travel games for kids and toddler travel activities (and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are a hit!). 

1. DIY Coloring Lap Board

I love this idea from The Measured Mom! Use small magnetic strips to adhere the pad and markers to a cookie tray. Not sure I trust my kids with markers in the car so may pick a few crayons and adhere the magnetic strips to them instead. And since the tray is magnetic I have also picked up a package of alphabet magnets for my son to play with on the tray when he is done coloring. 

2. Color matching Game

I grew on this idea from Fat Vegan Baby, I got paint chips and cut them in half to create a matching game, pairing game, and color game. I think my younger son can pair the paint chips up on his tray and both boys can find all the alphabet magnets that are the same color as the paint chip and organize them on their trays. I am hoping I can turn the chips into a matching game for the hotel room. 

Do you have any good travel games for kids or toddler travel activities? Send us your favorite ideas for toddler travel games!