Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom

My best friend is a new mom and with Mother's Day quickly approaching her husband recently asked me what are some great gift ideas for new moms. I laughed and told him a trip to Target alone just might do the trick, but I sat down and took time to think back 6 years ago when I had my oldest son and what gifts for a new mom I cherished the most.



1. House Cleaning

For my first Mother's Day my in-laws gifted me with a couple of vouchers from a local house cleaning service. These definitely make some of the best gifts for new moms.

2. Mother's Journal

My grandmother gave me a small personalized journal with my son's name and birthdate on the front, I didn't realize it at the time but this has turned into one of my favorite gifts of all time! With the journal she left a note explaining that it was a Mother's Journal, a place for me to write down all the funny memories. Things like these are absolutely great gift ideas for new moms.

*pictured, Minted Pop of Color Journal by Kelli Hall $16

3. Massage and Facial

My husband has always been a great gift giver, and my first Mother's Day was no exception. The massage and facial were perfect gifts for a new mom!

4.  Trendy Diaper Bag

New moms will love a big bag full of compartments that doesn't look like a diaper bag. 

*pictured, Timi and Leslie Charlie bag in Gray/Navy $159.99

5. Comfortable Flats

As someone with a closet full of heels, flats were a welcome sight. I loved the idea of still being stylish and not having to worry about my feet getting sore. These make great gifts for a new mom.

*pictured, Tieks in Fuchsia $175