A Mini Vacation to the Red Sea

One of our favorite things about having a blog is the ability to share stories from our customers with all of you! This fan story comes from Jessie about her adventures traveling with her 5 month old to the Red Sea.


I spent half of my pregnancy on bed rest, which means that I had a LOT of time to research travel cribs. Once I had my mind set on the Lotus, I was unable to settle for anything else. My mother-in-law blessed us with our Lotus, and I am so thankful, because we love it! We live abroad in the Middle East and have really enjoyed the ease of traveling with our Lotus Crib. Our daughter is 5 months old, and we recently had a mini vacation to the Red Sea. It was so convenient to set her up in the Lotus pool side by day and cozy in our hotel room by night!  Back at home, we keep our Lotus in the living room for our daughter to play in throughout the day. I LOVE how easy it is to set up and take down, and that its actually light enough to carry other places if we like. Our family will be traveling a lot this summer, and I love knowing that we can bring this with us and that our daughter will have some of the comforts of home, even while we are away. Its compact, light and really travel friendly. We are huge fans. Thank you Guava Family!


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