Real Moms Share: Long Weekend with the Lotus

*travel crib review from mom Katie Hans.

We traveled out of town for a long weekend. Originally, my husband had a work conference, but because we had family in town where his conference was, we took the whole family. We stayed with family for a few nights, and stayed in a hotel the last night. You forget how much you have to pack when you've got an infant and a toddler. Unfortunately for us, we haven't made the commitment to transition to a minivan, although it may be closer in the future for us!  We took the guava for our little guy, and we brought his piano playmat.

The two fit perfectly together. Again, our family loves dogs, so the house we went to was destined to have dogs and dog hair, so putting our little guy in the Lotus seemed way too convenient. He loved it in there! The size of the guava left him enough room to move around while playing with his toys overhead, and kept the dogs from being in his face. The side zipper made it easy for his big sister to sneak in kisses, too! Once again, the sleek design of the guava and also the practicality of the side zipper proved to be my favorite features! We will be heading to California next month and plan to bring the guava again. This time, we might even take it to the beach!