Best Mobile Travel Apps

Preparing for a trip? Make sure you have these good travel apps downloaded before you go. Being on the move in a strange location can be made simpler for families using mobile apps for travel. Below are some good travel apps that we've selected.

1. Swackett - Weather app with avatars dressed in the appropriate attire for the temperature, perfect to help you figure out what clothes to pack.

2. Google Maps - If this isn't already downloaded you will want to download to help you navigate your destination city. I especially find the walk directions helpful when trying to navigate a new city. 

3. Google Translate - The new picture translate feature is great to help you figure out what signs mean in a country where you do not speak the local language. 

4. WhatsApp  - If traveling overseas make sure this is on your phone and anyone you want to text or call before you leave, great way to keep in touch with everyone back on. 

5. VSCO Cam - One of my favorite apps for taking pictures, they always look amazing! 

6. Bravolol  - App filled with common phrases in 13 languages, perfect to keep handy when traveling abroad. 

7. City Maps 2Go - Love this map, can be used without internet connection and offers guides and suggestions on places to visit. 

Don't forget to download a few to keep the kids entertained. Do you have any must have mobile apps for travel?