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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for New Mom in Your Life

February 04, 2016

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and you may be looking for some little ways to show someone in your life some love with great gifts for moms on Valentine's Day (perhaps you are looking for a little inspiration for your Valentine wish list or just looking for Valentine ideas mom will love.)

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine's day gifts for mom from the heart:

1. Pajamas

A new pair of pajamas or pajama pants will be a much appreciated, cute, and comfy Valentine gift idea for mom.

2. Spa Package

A gift certificate for a massage or a full at home spa package so mom get some pampering. 

3. Sleep In

This should probably be number one on the list of Valentine's Day gifts for moms. Give mom a day where she can sleep in a little in the morning.

4. Coffee

A good bag of coffee and new coffee mug, will save mom trips to the local cafe. Anything coffee related makes great Valentine's Day gifts for moms.

5. Picture of Baby

Mom will love getting a Valentine from baby, try getting creative. Have baby hold (or prop up) a chalk board with with Happy Valentine's Day and frame for mom. 

6. Jar of Love

Write down sentiments for mom, reasons why you love her, words of encouragement and give them to her. You can go the DIY route for your gifts for moms on Valentine's day or have Flatterbox do it for you.

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