Real Moms Share: Lotus Everywhere Crib and The Holidays

We are excited to bring you a guest post from a real mom about her experiences with her Lotus Everywhere Crib. If you have a story you want to share please email

*guest post from Katie Hans:                                                                                                                                      My name is Katie Hans, and I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and a newborn baby boy! I love to spend my spare time crafting, shopping, reading reviews on great baby products, and writing.. Of course all of these come after being a mom! 

With the presence of the holidays, it means lots of family in town and many visits to other family's homes for the holidays. Initially, our little guy was sleeping in his bouncer seat, and we were towing that with us everywhere we went. But, he'd fall asleep and slouch over, and with presents galore, we ran out of trunk space for it. So, we broke down our guava in its 15 seconds, and popped it up wherever we went. It took up about as much space as our lightly packed diaper bag! It was perfect! Having a two month old also initiates the "pass the baby game," where everyone wants to hold your little guy, but once he falls asleep for too long, they want to pass him right back. Thankfully, with the bottom access of the guava, we were able to just slide him right into his guava and zip the bottom closed. Most of our family have dogs, and while we're all pet friendly, they tend to want to smell the baby. With the zipper part on the bottom, it meant easy accessibility, but also protection from being woken up by sniffing pups.
The guava once again has proven to be most practical item I've received for a second time baby.  It's been the one product we've used time and time again. Although it's simple in design, it's complex in the ways that it helps out. My favorite feature of it this month was the lack of space it took up in the trunk while toting gifts and diaper bags. It's sleekness is the best!