Roam Infant Essentials Set

Save with this set that combines the Roam Stroller and three essential accessories to help you while you’re on the go around town or traveling with your newborn.
Save with this set that combines the Roam Stroller and three essential accessories to help you while you’re on the go around town or traveling with your newborn.

Included in set:

  • Roam Crossover Stroller
  • Parent Organizer & Caddy
  • Car Seat Adapter
  • Gate Check Bag

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Britax® Car Seat Adapter
$749.85  $629.85
Cybex® Car Seat Adapter
$749.85  $629.85
Nuna® Car Seat Adapter
$749.85  $629.85
Uppababy® Car Seat Adapter
$749.85  $629.85
Chicco® Car Seat Adapter
$749.85  $629.85
Graco® Car Seat Adapter
$749.85  $629.85

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* The Nuna & Uppababy adapters will ship Nov 5th when back in stock. All other adapter types will ship on schedule.

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Designed to fit your new lifestyle and your new infant car seat.

What’s Included?

The Roam Stroller and three essential accessories for life on the go with an infant.

 Roam Crossover Stroller

Roam Crossover Stroller

A stroller designed to fit your lifestyle thanks to our 3D-Fold Technology which allows the Roam to fold 50% smaller than traditional joggers. Making it easy to take or store anywhere — from a trunk, to a closet, to a New York-sized apartment.

 Parent Organizer & Drink Holder

Stroller Accessory

Parent Organizer & Drink Holder

The perfect accessory for holding keys, a spare pacifier and your water bottle or drink of choice. Designed to perfectly fit the Roam handlebar.

 Car Seat Adapter

Stroller Accessory

Car Seat Adapter

Use the Roam as your all-in-one stroller from day one with the car seat adapter which transforms the Roam into your very own travel system. Allowing you to easily attach your infant car seat* to the Roam.

* Car Seat Not Included

 Gate Check Bag

Stroller Accessory

Gate Check Bag

This perfectly tailored gate check bag is a perfect choice to keep your Roam clean and ready for use whether you're flying or road tripping.


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Roam Infant Essential Set

Top Questions

What’s the size & weight of the Roam Stroller?+

The Roam is a full-size jogging stroller, with 14” rear wheels and a 12” front wheel. It weighs 25lbs.

Its folded dimensions are 29” x 15” x 17”, making it fold smaller than any other jogger on the market.

What type of testing has been done to guarantee the Roam is safe?+

The Roam exceeds all relevant federal standards for strollers including 16 CFR 1227 / ASTM F833-19 and CPSIA. We’ve also pushed the Roam far beyond those standards in our own test lab with more extreme on-road and off-road treadmill tests, curb mounting, and folding tests. Additionally, we have had an army of testers using the Roam out in the wild to ensure that it’s as strong, as safe, and as durable as can be.

Can I run with the Roam Stroller?+

Yes! The Roam is designed for running. Our goal was to start with a great running stroller, and then figure out how to make it fold much more compactly. We think you’ll like what we’ve come up with.

How can I see the Roam Stroller in person since it’s not offered in stores?+

Since we only sell online, we’ve created a very low pressure, 30-day return period for you to order and check out your purchase.

This time allows you to see the product in person without any risk as we’ll pick up the shipping fees both to your home and back to our facility if you choose to return the purchase.

Have more questions about our return policy? Read more here.

Will the stroller work for me if I’m short / tall?+

Yes! The Roam’s handlebar has four positions from 34” low to 45” high.

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